A colorful and vibrant aquarium is a living work of art, and with the right design and construction, sophisticated aquarium systems can be incorporated into any environment. From large Public Aquariums, luxurious residential backdrops to stunning commercial settings, Issham Aquatics International offers state-of-the-art aquarium solutions for any application.


With extensive experience in marine biology and engineering combined with strategic partnerships with international specialty manufacturers, designers and sub-contractors, Issham Aquatics offers unparalleled products and services. With all of this in tow and twenty years of experience, Issham Aquatics offers fully integrated public, commercial and residential aquarium solutions for aquaria of all sizes anywhere in the world. From conceptual design and initial construction, to commissioning, fish supply and systems operation and maintenance, Issham Aquatics can oversee complex projects from start to finish. Issham Aquatics is among the world’s largest public and private aquarium management and construction companies with new projects underway throughout the Middle East and Europe.